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Areas of use such as shipbuilding and other offshore systems place particularly high demands on the safety, quality and reliability of pipe systems. For a shipyard, fire is even worse than water. Welding often leads to fires, and employing the necessary firewatch personnel is expensive. 

In the field of shipbuilding, Viega offers numerous different systems for wide-ranging applications on ships and offshore – including CuNi systems for seawater, copper and stainless steel for drinking water, heating and cooling or press connectors for thick-walled steel pipes. Thanks to the efficient press systems, there is no need for complicated joining techniques such as welding, soldering and thread cutting. And press technology offers significant benefits with regard to occupational safety as well.

In some cases, it can mean that firewatch personnel are no longer required to supervise hot work, while extensive preliminary work, platforms and scaffolding can also be eliminated. And if a connection accidentally remains unpressed, there is no risk of any problems. In systems with the Viega SC-Contur, the unpressed connection is guaranteed to be found during the tightness test, regardless of whether water, compressed air or inert gases are involved – and in any pressure range.

Shipbuilding as a special use

Safe from the very first moment.

To protect the sealing element and ensure absolute safety, the Viega connectors with V-Contur have a cylindrical pipe guide. This prevents the pipes from being slid onto the connector in an inadvertently skewed manner, damaging the sealing element. In addition, it guarantees that the connector and pipes sit straight and can be pressed safely.

Double pressing holds better.

Viega does not compromise when it comes to safety. For this reason, the Viega press tool presses each join from 12 to 54 mm and 1/2 to 2 inch twice – both before and behind the sealing element. This means the connection is permanently sealed, longitudinally force-locked and secured against rotation.

Safely connected.

Comfortable, secure and quick work is guaranteed with the Viega Pressgun 6 Plus. With its low weight of just 3.2 kg and the reduced dimensions, the press machine can be easily handled, while offering the maximum performance. With its 360° rotating press head, it presses connectors ranging from 12 to 108 mm and 3/8 to 4 inch in seconds – and can carry out 42,000 pressings before it needs a maintenance check.

The right application for every Marine segment


Passenger: Built for 21st century adventures

While guests are relaxing by the pool, eating in the restaurant with its stunning views or getting ready for the next shore excursion in their bathrooms, Viega pipe systems ensure that their holiday experience runs smoothly by transporting water and energy safely and reliably. 

From the construction of a new cruise ship with prefabricated bathrooms featuring flexible Viega plastic pipe systems to the fast and efficient installation of media lines in control rooms and distribution shafts, Viega pipe systems can be installed without any need for hot work or complicated tool technology

When it comes to maintenance in the dock or during the cruise, Viega pipe systems help to ensure that replacement and repair work can be carried out quickly and conveniently with a perfectly coordinated product range – available anywhere.


Cargo: A life at sea

The marine cargo industry – a little floating world, home to captains and sailors, which provides us with all the goods we need – has long depended on the hygienic transport of that most important of resources: drinking water. Viega pipe systems contribute to ships having a constant, safe supply of drinking water as they traverse the oceans. And that’s not all: as well as supplying drinking water on tankers, container ships and general cargo vessels, the extensive system range comprising different materials can also be used for other applications as well.


Defense: Working with the most prestigious vessels

From humanitarian missions to combat operations, military vessels must be ready to serve when and where they are needed. The high demands of safety, quality and reliability of pipe systems are important when you are protecting the nation.

Viega fitting systems can be found on a host of marine vessels. With a reputation for quality, naval ships are an industry leader in innovative maritime engineering and construction.

New ships are built and many undergo repair on a daily basis, providing the opportunity for new technology to aid in the time, cost and quality put into each one.


Specialised: From drilling rigs to dredges

Viega pipe systems cover all kinds of different applications, including special media, and can be relied upon to keep systems running economically. The pipe systems supply media – from seawater to compressed air or coolant – safely and efficiently to the consumer.

Sea-worthy materials for all connections

Not every pipe in shipbuilding is forced to come into contact with seawater. CuNiFe does not always need to be used below deck. Whether it’s the tried-and-tested Viega Profipress connector, Sanpress Inox or Megapress – Viega offers a multitude of certified press systems for shipbuilding.

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