Versatile Visign products

Flush plates, bathtub fitting sets, shoer channels: our Visign products are versatile and attractive. And they allow you a great creative freedom.

Flush plates, bath fittings, shower channels or odour traps must above all work effectively. But Viega products are more than emotionless functional items. They not only incorporate advanced technology and high levels of operating comfort, they are also captivating in their design. Check out the product picture galleries for yourself, and discover the wide-ranging design options for your bathroom.

Visign products combine smart technology with high-grade design.

Die Viega Duschrinnen, Wand- und Bodenabläufe sind vor allem flexibel - sowohl bei der Gestaltung als auch dem Einbau.
Fittings for bathtubs and shower trays
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    As the attractively styled odour traps and cleverly shaped drain valves demonstrate: even classic functional fittings can deliver great design and outstanding performance.

    Even classic functional fittings convince with elegant design and high performance.

    MuroLive! multi-layer composite panels from Murodesign are a particularly elegant way to clad Viega pre-wall systems. Their wide range of styles enables creative bathroom design, which can be quickly and easily installed by a simple clip system.